Admission Open 2024 – 25

Art has the role in the education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. The students get to explore the art of Painting and Sculpture, Handicraft, and other different mediums of Arts under the guidance of our Art & Craft Teacher Mr. Lok B Gurung, who is awarded the Active Art teacher award from Hind Art Academy in 2007 and has exhibited his Art in State level and National level Exhibitions.

The Gurukul hosts a wide range of both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. We have a separate Sports Complex with a specialized coach for most of the sports. Indoor: Table Tennis, three Badminton courts, Martial Arts, Yoga, Karate, Carrom, Chess and Ludo. Outdoor: Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Athletics, Track & Field Events, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Hockey, Skating rink and Football.
We host the Inter-School football tournament for Tinsukia District every year.

Shiksha-The Gurukul has a dedicated dance room with a specialized teacher. Our students were awarded in National level NCC camp for dance; we aim in teaching students to feel the joy in the moments and the heart of life. STG also facilitates a wide range of instrumental learning such as Tabla, Guitar, and Piano with in-house specialized faculty, and other instruments with the help of visiting faculties. We also impart courses like dramatics, debate & public speaking, Creative Writing, etc to help our students explore and discover their true potential. We also impart Vocal Music classes under the able guidance of specialized teacher.

With the global boundaries shrinking rapidly across all spheres, the importance of international exposure among school students is at its peak. We live in a global village and it is of utmost importance that the school equips its students with skills and knowledge that would help them to cope in a world where professional and personal relationships are no longer bound by borders. Students today must develop an intercultural understanding and are connected with the world. International exposure at the school level creates the perfect educational balance that every student must-have.

Hearts will light up when you behold the home away from home for our students. They become experts at managing their time, money and resources. These students mature quickly and tend to be very independent and successful in college and life.In the boarding at STG, we strive to make each child blossom and prosper, by maintaining a right balance of pastoral care, freedom and fun.

Swimming lessons can encourage a lifetime of healthy habits. When children know how to swim, they’re more likely to engage in physical activities at home, school, and in their community. Swimming is an easy way to maintain a healthy weight and cardiovascular system.

Transportation facility is available for day scholars on the number of students from any area or route.

The school campus is equipped with latest high tech security system and is also around the clock guarded with trained security personnel

The school maintains a well-equipped dispensary. Routine medical check-up is carried out as well as emergency situations are dealt with in the infirmary. In case of an emergency the child is taken to a specialist.

A library full of new worlds to travel. A place where knowledge is in abundance and readily available. At STG we have a library with different genres of book to facilitate our students voyage into the future.10000 plus book of different languages, genres of books to provide our students with limitless knowledge.

A cafeteria is a very important place in any school, it helps children to develop social skills and also allows them to spend time with their friends and make acquaintances. The cafeteria at STG follows all hygiene and sanitation factors to ensure that the food served is fresh and healthy.

With the advancement in technology, there are new methods of making learning better. Special Orientation and Training/Counselling Programs for students and teachers are organized in a room. Students get the opportunity to use technical skills by making Powerpoint presentations, seminars and workshops, participate in group discussions and activities.

The school is well equipped with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Geography and Language Labs. These help the students in better understanding the theory, visualizing it and applying it.

We have a fully equipped lab as it helped the world to grow and evolve quickly. By performing tasks quickly, computers make daily activities more convenient. In today’s world technology plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

An Auditorium is a place where the young mind get a chance to showcase their talent and also where assemblies, seminars, and event are conducted.

“We play as we learn and we learn as we play”, breaks allow kids freedom and fun, which, in turn, makes the educational experience more fun. It has an important impact on a child’s ability to learn and develop.